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European Union Sixth Framework Programme

about the project
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couple - 230645.2 In recent years there has been a growing interest in the significance of reported declines in human fecundity. It has been shown that the potential exists that exposure to environmental chemicals has an influence on human reproductive enpoints. However, it is still unkown to what extent food, acting as a "vector" of synthetic endocrine disrupters, affects fecundity.

So far, pharmaceutical products (PPs) have received little attention. Subsequently, little is known of the occurrence, fate and effects of PPs in the environment and their effects on human fecundity. This is partly due to the scarcity of simple and efficient methods for cleaning up and concentrating PPs from environmental and food samples. Moreover, there is a lack of diagnostic assays that can handle large numbers of samples rapidly and inexpensively.

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Author: Vinnie Altstein; Copyright: Food & Fecundity; Published by: Angela Gamsriegler (gamsrieglera)
factID: 230635.7 (...history); published on 07 Nov. 2006 13:53