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European Union Sixth Framework Programme

expected outcome
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  • identification of high risk pharmaceutical products (PPs
  • bioprobes for monitoring high risk PPs

  • methods for clean up and concentration of PPs

  • diagnostic HTSAs and LC-MS-MS methods for monitoring PPs

  • knowledge of the mechanisms of action of PPs

  • possible identification of novel fecundity markers

  • possible correlation between human fecundity problems and dietary habits

  • information on the extent of environmental and food contamination

  • proof (or disproof) of the concept

  • risk management models

  • knowledge pools and platforms

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Author: Angela Gamsriegler; Copyright: Food & Fecundity; Published by: Angela Gamsriegler (gamsrieglera)
factID: 230643.5 (...history); published on 16 Aug. 2006 13:48