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European Union Sixth Framework Programme

Aarhus University Hospital
Aarhus University Hospital

contact data:

Department of Occupational Medicine

Aarhus University Hospital

Nørrebrogade 44, build. 2C

DK - 8000 Aarhus C


Tel: +45 8949 4290

Fax: +45 8949 4260

e-mail: icon - email - 258304.3 jpbon@as.aaa.dk

website: external link - 234812.1 http://www.sundhed.dk

main task in the project:

Our main taks is to organize the collection of blood and breast milk samples and to evaluate tissue concentrations of selected widely used pharmaceuticals in human populations. Furthermore, our aim is to identify dietary and other determinants of human exposure levels in order to identify high-risk groups, if any.

responsible person:

Prof. Jens Peter Bonde

Author: Gunnar Toft; Published by: Angela Gamsriegler (gamsrieglera)
factID: 230980.5 (...history); published on 17 Aug. 2006 11:48