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European Union Sixth Framework Programme

Agricultural Research Organization
Agricultural Research Organization

contact data:

The Volcani Center - Institute of Plant Protection
The Agricultural Research Organization
P.O.B. 6
Bet Dagan, 50250 Israel

email: icon - email - 258304.3 vinnie2@volcani.agri.gov.il

website: external link - 234812.1 www.agri.gov.il

main task in the project:

  • Scientific management
  • Research on the following topics:
  • Development of novel bio-probes for diagnostic monitoring of target pharmaceutical products (PPs)
  • Development of novel immunoaffinity purification (IAP) methods for clean-up and concentration of target PPs based on entrapment of bio- probes in a ceramic matrix
  • Examination of the ability of the IAP to purify the selected compounds from different matrixes (environmental samples mainly water, food samples and human body fluids –blood and milk of nursing women)
  • Optimization, adaptation and development of novel microplate diagnostic assays using the above bio-probes for monitoring the above compounds in environmental, food and body fluid samples
  • implementation of the IAP and diagnostic methods for monitoring the presence of target PPs in real environmental, food (mainly fish) and body fluid samples.

responsible person:

Miriam (Vinnie) Altstein

Author: Miriam Altstein; Published by: Max Harnoncourt (maxharn)
factID: 232215.11 (...history); published on 18 Aug. 2006 12:42