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European Union Sixth Framework Programme

Wessex Institute of Technology
Wessex Institute of Technology
contact data:

Wessex Institute of Technology

Environmental Modelling Division
Ashurst Lodge
SO40 7AA

email: icon - email - 258304.3 viktor@wessex.ac.uk

website: external link - 234812.1 www.wessex.ac.uk

main task in the project:

The Wessex Institute of Technology will work on in vivo and in vitro results data processing,
exposure assessment and overall risk assessment of pharmaceutical products that may
end up in the food chain and have an effect on human fecundity.

responsible person:

Dr. Viktor Popov

Author: Angela Gamsriegler; Published by: Angela Gamsriegler (gamsrieglera)
factID: 234811.4 (...history); published on 17 Aug. 2006 11:47